Introduction to Eli Review at SFSU
Learn how Eli Review helps your students become better writers and reviewers? Learn how you can use Eli Review in your classes to help guide your students toward crafting more robust revisions?

Getting an Overview of How Eli Works

Eli Review is used across many disciplines on our campus: Our Teaching & Learning Community consists of faculty from Biology, Chemistry, Communication Studies, English, Ethnic Studies, Geography, Environmental Studies, Public Health, Psychology, Sociology, Theater Arts, Visual Design, World Literature..
Over 3400 students engaged in peer learning with Eli Review in the Academic year, 2019-2020. These students can access this powerful peer review platform at no cost since SF State has purchased an institutional license.
Eli Review has been helping faculty across the disciplines on our campus create a robust peer learning experience.
Click here to take a look at Eli Review's Classroom Workflow. Learn how the app turns your class into a writer's studio. Follow the links on Eli's introductory page to see the range of resources the Eli Review team provides.

What is Eli Review and Why Should I Add it to my Practice?

Click here to watch a 20 minute webinar interview with Todd Walker and Jennifer Trainor in the San Francisco State University English Department's Webinar series.

Free Peer Learning Workshops for Instructors

Seeing the app work helps instructors imagine how Eli can fit in their own syllabus. That’s where our free online professional development workshops start.
Participants share a syllabus blurb or talking points for explaining why peer feedback is valuable. Then, they experience how it works.
Participants give feedback to colleagues from around the country, get feedback, and use feedback to plan a revision. Director of Professional Development Melissa Graham Meeks, PhD, also provides feedback on revision plans.
Participants get to be students Monday-Thursday and then get instructor access to the course on Friday.
The workshop is about 20 minutes per day, and the deadlines are 11:45 PM Eastern. There are no synchronous meetings.

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Teaching and Learning Community, Fall 2021
Join us for 15-30 minutes every Friday morning at 10:00 as we work together to build robust feedback and revision focused writing classes. Click here to see the slide deck and videos for our Academic Year, 2021-2022 schedule of weekly topics.
You can contact Kristen Agius, Lecturer in the Department of English ([email protected]) or John Holland, Lecturer in the Department of Engish ([email protected]) should you have any questions about Peer Learning with Eli Review on the San Francisco State campus.
You can also contact Wil Mierz at Eli Review to ask specific questions about how to set up Eli Review for your students. Email: [email protected]